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About Me

I'm a radio guy by trade. I've been a deejay; I've written and produced radio commercials, and voiced many as well; I've voiced TV commercials, maybe even acted in a couple of local ones; I'm heard on numerous on hold messages across the country; I'm also a traffic reporter, currently the afternoon/PMD traffic reporter on WCBS Newsradio 880 in NYC.

 But I've always enjoyed pictures. And I've had a passion for taking them that started in high school. I was given an old Konica 35mm, and my hobby just took off. I snapped away on vacation, at school events, and family gatherings. Along the way I switched to a
Canon Rebel 35mm, and eventually I moved up to a digital camera, and that's what I use today. I still have that Konica and Canon Rebel packed away; there might even be a roll of film still in one, or both.

I've enjoyed taking pictures for over 30 years; of people, of animals, of nature, of objects. Wherever my family and I go, the camera is usually hanging off my shoulder, ready to go.

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I've enjoyed taking them. And, maybe, you'll want to display one in your home or in your office. All photographs are available for sale. Ask about the different sizes that are available. All photos come matted.

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